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To recognize continuing service and outstanding contributions from CTEEC members, Friends of CTEEC, and individuals who have broken traditions which have expanded or strengthened CTEEC and/or overall equity.


Members must be or have been a member of CTEEC for at least five years and Friends of CTEEC must have been a friend of CTEEC for at least 3 years

(see Friends of CTEEC Award for definition)


ADDITIONAL CRITERIA to be met in one or more areas listed:


• Served as officer of CTEEC--president, vice president, secretary/treasurer

• Served as chair of CTEEC committees
• Served as committee member on CTEEC committees
• Presided at professional development sessions
• Promoted CTEEC membership through increase of support memberships
• Recognized as outstanding CTEEC member
• Promoted CTEEC members' growth and development
• Achieved national or international recognition that promoted or increased prestige to CTEEC.

• Made direct or indirect contribution to CTEEC
• Promoted CTEEC organization and its purposes
• Facilitated the acceptance of equity and the CTEEC organization
• Promoted and practiced equity for all individuals in own organization
• Broke a major barrier


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