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CTEEC is a national organization seeking members from across the United States that are sincerely interested in the importance of fair and equitable work opportunities for all people. 


CTEEC provides a unique approach to providing a positive framework for increasing the effectiveness of career and technical education for everyone.   With members from states across the nation, we are focused on high expectations and full participation for all students and employees in career and technical education. 


CTEEC diligently works at promoting 

  • continued research and resulting strategies in career and technical education

  • developing leadership in career and technical education and educational equity. 


Being committed to our participation in professional development for continuous program improvement while also cooperating and working with all career and technical services and organizations is important to CTEEC and its members.  


CTEEC works in conjunction with the ACTE Administrative Division and the other affiliates/members of ACTE.  We also provide advocacy for equity issues within the larger career and technical education community. 

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